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Drug Energy Transmission

Drug Energy Transmission

The theory of “Drug Transmission’’ is the natural development of a number of researches including “Magnetic Influences on Human Bodies” (described by Andre Boris), “Electro Magnetic Action on Human Bodies (propounded by Dr. Abraham of San Francisco), “Medical Radisthesia”, ”Cosmic Ray Therapy”, and dynamic action of Homoeopathic drugs and plants.

Magnetic Influences:

Like a huge magnet, earth possesses positive magnetic currents running from north to south and negative magnetic currents running from east to west. These currents are picked up by all bodies resting on earth, and all living organisms receive magnetic energy emitted by earth. In human bodies, these telluric currents, both positive and negative, enter through one leg and go out from the opposite hand. Moreover, human body is also like a small magnet. The upper half of the body represents the North Pole the lower half of the body and feet represent the South Pole.

Electrical Properties:

Haemoglobin present in blood in human bodies, being composed of Iron, attracts magnetic forces and provides the cells with electrical energy. Any decrease in the intake of this energy causes sickness and its total absence leads to death. Good health and happy life indicate optimum presence of electric forces in the body, whereas its lack is manifested as ill health and unhappy life.

Dr. W. E. Boyd explains that body electricity gives way to electromagnetic radiations too. Skin carries varying electrical potentials, producing an electrical field surrounding the body and extending in every direction. This continuous emission and radiation occurs in long infra-red region, which can be filtered by crystals and can be detected by delicate thermo-junctions. Radiations from a human body come out easily and naturally, because all body cells contain Potassium and it is well known that all samples of Potassium contain some trace of its radioactive isotopes K40.

Electromagnetic Radiations:

Human body is composed of innumerable living cells, each consisting of innumerable atoms. All these cells are electrically charged. Their total equilibrium is maintained by a network of nerve fibers for receiving and transmitting impulses. Human brain works as headquarters of this network whereby sensory inputs are matched with human motor activity. This huge network produces electromagnetic emissions and radiations; and the body, which is itself a storehouse of energy, keeps emitting and radiating energy in the form of electromagnetic waves.

Bell Laboratories of New York has discovered that human body radiates energy at the rate of 80 million cycles second i.e. @ 80 MHz. Electric encephalography also demonstrates radiations of electromagnetic waves from human brain. These waves are the very basis of the “Wireless Waves” discovered by DR. Albert Abraham of San Francisco during his study of spinal reflexes.

All human beings are electro-magnetically positive at head, right hand and foot, and negative at spinal base and left hand and foot. These conducted wireless radiations, emitted by the human body, can be used therapeutically, provided that electrical polar opposites are linked by conductors.

Cosmic Radiations:

Various kinds of electric currents, both natural and man-made, pass though the atmosphere and get grounded into the earth through a conductor. Invariably, every organism is a good conductor and, therefore, it serves as a conducting medium for grounding these currents into earth. Radisthesia claims that there are radiations beyond usual electromagnetic spectrum too.

Cosmic currents from beyond the earth enter the body through head and go out from the opposite hand, foot and open eyes. According to French Engineer Andre Simoneton: radioactive waves can be picked up in space by using human reflexes as detectors, since cosmic energy and other invisible powers flow into the body through Medulla oblongata.

All these energies follow their own specific pathways or “circuits” within the body. Any circuit linking a positive terminal to a negative terminal is beneficial for health, and its reversal is harmful. Any arrangement, which connects polar opposites or different bodies by means of electrical conductors, is referred to as a “Relaxation Circuit” and any arrangement, which connects polar similars, is known as a “Tension Circuit”. Relaxation circuit automatically promotes relaxation of voluntary muscles and stimulates functional activity. It fosters sleep, recovery from fatigue and disease, capacity for work and health in general; while tension circuit reverses these effects. Both circuits affect not only organic but also nervous and mental health.

Drug Energy:

Crude Homoeopathic drug is divided and subdivided by attenuation into electrically charged particles called Ions. Hence, the potentised drug is nothing but energy in ionized form. This ionization forms an electrical field in and around phial.

Lower attenuations of Homoeopathic drugs have been shown to possess definite electrophysical properties e.g. Arsenic, when attenuated to 1x 10-7 responds to ultraviolet radiations by fluorescence; tincture of gold in attenuation of 1×10-7 modifies a beam of ultra -violet light. Similarly, China and Nux Vomica cause physical action in ultra violet light. Radium bromide produces subtle radiations through air.

Dr. Boyd, using his Emanometer has successfully demonstrated that highly potentised drugs posses energies of very delicate nature which can evoke reactions in human organs. Potentised Homoeopathic medicine has special biophysical energy of its own, which specially triggers nerve centers in the brain to mobilize curative reactions. In case of drug transmission, this curative energy works on the body by restoring the same equilibrium.

Vital Force:

The vital force in the body is the electrical equilibrium of all these vibrations and radiations of different cells, and any disturbance in this equilibrium gives room to disease. Boyd has also demonstrated the body-mind inter-relationship with the help of Cathode Ray Oscilloscope, which shows that electromagnetic phenomena plays a vital role in the ecology of consciousness.

According to pioneers of electromagnetic theory of life –Prof. S. Bur of Yale University and Leonard J Ritz: electromagnetic fields, called “Life Fields” , at the discretion of human consciousness guide the growth and repair of living protoplasm. Bur says that it is the life field which keeps our identity intact. The vital force, being a conscious substance, propels energy to maneuver the living machine from within. It is the life principle by virtue of which all organisms evolve and with its exhaustion and extinction they decay.

This vital principle pervades the entire material world and dominates and controls it without disturbing or replacing it. It adopts itself to the surroundings and thus keeps human body in working order under all circumstance. It gets the human body continuously constructed and when it is withdrawn from any part of body or from the whole body, different forces in the body start acting destructively and total absence of control over it results in decay or death of the body.

This vital principle not only pervades and illuminates the body, but also sends out radiations in the form of halo or aura, also described as “Corona Discharge”, “Bioplasma” etc. Human bodies, working as a variable capacitor, perform the function of detection, selection and amplification of these ultra short waves.

Drug Action:

As a person connects to the computing network, electromagnetic radiations emanating from his body get modulated with the electromagnetic field of the computing network which become available to the doctor at the other end of the network.

Similarly, when the doctor brings potentised Homoeopathic medicines within the electromagnetic field emanating from the network, along with the modulated waves of the person on the other end, and this causes interaction between the two fields.

This interaction affects the person or persons on the other end as their vital principle/s act/s as a conscious principle. As long as these persons interact consciously through the network, they keep interacting with the electromagnetic field of the drug.